What to consider before you choose your body cream- forms of cream to consider

Taking care of the skin should be a piority to all. This article will tell you how to choose the body cream that best suits your skin type.

First, body cream is in 3 forms,
Body moisturizer
Body butter
Body lotion
Let's take it one after the other

BODY MOISTURIZER- this ranks between the other types of body cream, it is lighter than body butter but heavy than lotion. It absorbs into the skin fast And itcreates a barrier in the skin that keeps the moisture locked in. It suit people with dry skin especially the arms and legs.

BODY BUTTER- the name says it all, this is made with butter or oil, it is the thickest of the three types of body cream, it usually last long on the skin because it's penetration is slow and it has  a strong scent. It is good for normal skin type and dry skin type. You can apply on elbow, feet and arm. It nourishes the skin and retain moisture. It usually leaves the skin oily and sticky so it's ideal to apply to damp skin so it can absorb and moisturize…

Healthy benefits of water to the skin- what you don't know about water

50 to 70% of our body mass is made up of water including tissues, organs, skin and cells, this should tell that there is no life without water. Water has a lot of importance to the body which includes

1.water prevents dehydration (a condition where the body lacks water to perform its vital functions) 2. Lack of water in the body may result into hypertension, allergy, asthma, migraine, constipation and many other health problem. 3.water cleanses the body by flushing toxin and waste products from the body. 4.water is needed to process the nutrients from the food we consume and carry them to the cells through lymphatic system. We loose water daily through urine, perspiration and bowel movement so it's important we replenish this water to the body by drinking clean water, taking beverages and food that contains water.   Although, your body mass determines the quantity of water you need per day, the institute of water has determined that women should take 2.2 to 3 liters of water while…

How to get a flawless skin- 8 tips for a glowing skin

A flawless and radiant face is what everyone dreams of especially girls, but I will tell you it's is not very easy to get. You should take good care of your skin and take extra measure to maintain it on a daily basis. We sometime want to ignore those "little thing here and there" that actually had value to our skin, here a comprehensive explanation and list of what you need to do.

1. Balance diet- minimize your salt and sugar intake, oh yes, no beauty products can rescue you if you cut out fruit and veggies from your daily intake. Avoid fermented food or oily food. A balance diet is important for a flawless skin argue it all you want. Adapt yourself to healthy alternatives when it come to food and you will notice the difference in your skin in 2-3weeks. Let say you replace snacking on cup cakes and chips with fruits, sugar with honey and coffee with green tea, you will definitely see physical changes on your skin.

2. sleep well- having a sound sleep help to relax the br…

Davido's performance postponed indefinitely due to hurricane Florence in Carolina.

Davido was supposed to perform at the dreamville festival which should be an inaugural edition  at Dorothea Dix park Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S on Saturday but the festival has been postpone due to hurricane Florence threat.

Over 1.5million has been evacuated as the U.S national hurricane centre warned the resident of a tripple threat hurricane Florence, it is seen as a life threatening storm surge. It was said that the hurricane should hit Carolina by Thursday.

However, the organizer of the event, on their Instagram handle @dreamville made it known that all ticket money would be returned to those that purchased it since the festival has been post pone indefinitely.

From @ dreamville“Due to safety concerns regarding dangerous weather, we are extremely saddened to announce today that the inaugural Dreamville Festival 2018 been cancelled. Our team has been working tirelessly with officials from the City of Raleigh, along with our state and Federal partners, among others, to monitor th…

South African group's largest market MTN faces court challenges in nigeria

Africa largest telecom  MTN has been facing some challenges as regarding the regulatory framework in Nigeria. They are facing lots of challenges in the court has there are more than allegations against them that did not start recently.

The Nigeria high court, alleged MTN of using improperly issued certificate for converting Nigerian shareholders loan in the Nigeria unit to preference share for foreign exchange abroad of which the central bank of Nigeria told them to return $8.1 billion into the country in 2007.

Also, the Nigeria law makers investigated in 2016 wether MTN unlawfully repatriated $13.92 billon from Nigeria and in 2007 the investigations were concluded approving a report which largely  exonerates MTN.

In addition, the attorney general of Nigeria Abubakar Malami has imposed a $2 billion tax bill on MTN in September 2017 which was few days after the central banks of Nigeria announce the need for the company to repatriate fund and MTN said it had been in talks with the at…

How to make pink lips cream that actually works

 Gone are does days when every one loves to have black natural lips, over the years the desire for a soft, supple and fresh lips has gone viral.

Having a pink or red lips contributes towards having a natural beautiful face whether you are black,white, red or indigo, lol no wander Ikeja boys will always walk up to everyone passing by under the bridge and tell you " aunty do you want pink lips" but the interesting part is no matter how sweet they talk, it just might not work. This content is going to teach you how to make a cream to make your lips clearer in colour but mind your it does not have any medical claims so watch out for any ingredient you are allergic to. Dear friends, subscribe so you I can entertain and educate you more.
INGREDENTS Citric acid                  1 tea spoon Kojic acid.                 1tea spoon Carol white lotion      1 and 1/2 tea spoon Arbutin powder           1 tea spoon Beyond beauty pink lips gloss Carovate oil                 Kojie San serum.…

Nicki Minaj and cardi b at war!

Two america rap artiste Cardi b and Nicki minaj had a fight at the New York fashion week on Friday. On Friday, at the New York fashion week this two had a fight as Cardi b confronted her over a comment she made about her daughter, kulture. She said even  when Nicki has been saying things about her before then but she never reacted to any of those.
According to Cardi b, Nicki seems to be having issues with other artist working her and has threatened not to work with them. Though she said she has talked to Nicki on several occasions about this and things seems to be good between them until this. 
Cardi b posted on Instagram why she had to hit her with her shoes  “I’ve let a lot of shit slide! I let you sneak diss me, I let you lie on me, let you attempt to stop my bags. “You have threatened other artists in the industry and told them if they work with me, you will stop working with them. I’ve let you talk shit about me. “I have addressed you once in person, I addressed you a second time…